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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Papa Besar Cafe, Senggigi

You haven’t eaten on Indonesia’s most popular island until you’ve explored the rich, bold flavours found in the traditional warungs. lombok insider Papa Besar cafe give us on a local dishes .

Papa Besar Cafe located beside at the main road of senggigi , Looks for the sign or get a search from the google map , considering that the food  rich with spice,  bold flavours and complexity . From the spicy Padang food of West Sumatra to the sweet , palm sugar-rich eats of central Java .

Bir Bintang, literally "Star Beer") is a brand of beer from Indonesia , The beer is styled as an American Pale Lager , gold in colour with an ideal serving cold . Due to the fact that it's a localized version of Heineken, its taste is similar and comparable to Heineken, and the Bintang bottle is reminiscent of a Heineken bottle, indeed the red star (bintang) on the bottle is the same as Heineken .

Soto Ayam

Papa Besar Cafe
Address : Jl. Raya Senggigi, Kawasan Intan Laguna Galleria Shop, Batu Layar, Senggigi, Batu Layar, Kabupaten Lombok Barat, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83355, Indonesia
Contact : +62 370 692070
Hours : Daily 11AM - 11PM

D'Food Caravanz , Sungai Wang

Caravanz Concept food truck is happening at the third floor of sungai wang , The cheapest and delicious awesome foods that selling below RM 10 all in one place . There have japanese , Arabian , Malay , thai cuisine , Fried banana King and many more .

Caravanz food truck concept is famous at Europe countries and it's bring a huge crowd gather together and sells cheap meals to everyone . Sungai Wang was the first in malaysia that bring in caravanz food truck concept and let malaysian to experience .

The Place made a huge crowd when comes to lunch time , Myself had a visit to be witness of the scene , the whole place looks so colourful and creative . all the Tables and chairs was special made by recycle Oil Drum (metal barrel/oil container) . Used tires been wire to ceiling and looks like swings , so you can swing while eating .

The trird floor D'Food Caravanz have seven foods stall at the moment and will extend bigger soon to bring more food stalls in . The place looks so stunning and sporting type of Deco , it's makes me hype with full of surprise .

01 - Nam Pheng Little Thai Corner serve thai cuisine . Tom yum soup , ayam masak Kunyit , Fried Rice cili padi , Thai tea , Thai green tea and many more .

02 - DM Port Serve Malay cuisine , what we called nasi campur . The most long que than other stall because the price was damm cheap around RM 6 Plus free sirap ais , DM port also famous on their Ikan asam pedas , everyone is getting it . wasted I didn't get one .

03 - Ganbatte serve Japanses cuisine , small little japan street food sells Takoyaki , Udon and Okonomiyaki . myself ordered Takoyaki Octopus 4 Piece for RM5 . cheap Wey!! 

04 - DIJLA serve arabian cuisine , top seller Lamb briyani and chicken briyani .

05 - Mat Rock Serve Local Deep friend foods , special with Ayam goreng kunyit , Myself tried the ayam kunyit and Fried Sotong . it was delicious .

06 - SS2 Goreng Pisang serve snack foods , Malaysian Street food like Goreng pisang or cucur udang and many more . 

07 - Boss Potato Corner Serve local foods , On the board wrote a very spacial dish "Pulau Redang Maggie" . myself haven't try that yet , donno how it gonna taste like...

Come to pay a visit if you are nearby KL area , dropby for a lunch or whatever , Sure worth it for price . 

Friday, 21 October 2016

'The Joy Of Life' - Collagen Bird's Nest Drink

Brand New range of Halal-Certified Collagen-infused bird's nest beverages unveiled .

From decade Bird's nest has been scientifically proven to have several health benefits such as stimulating the regeneration of cells , strengthening our immune and respiratory system , as well as improving the performance of our internal organs . one of its most sought-after beauty benefits is its ability to rejuvenate cells , promoting smooth , radiant and youthful skin in the long term if taking bird's nest in long term .

Today , The soft Launch of 'The Joy Of Life' been made at the Glasshouse seputeh this Afternoon by Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd . Ecolite introducing the new way to enjoy health benefits of edible bird's nest and launched a brand new healthy of collagen Bird's nest beverages . 

'The Joy Of Life' comes with five flavours that is Aloe Vera , Lychee , Longan , Red Date with Wolfberry and the original Flavour , Each bottle contains 2500mg of collagen and comes in a stylish and transparent packaging with a vacuum safety button . Easy grab and go open up drinks for the refreshing day .

'The Joy Of Life' contains all natural food contents with Edible Bird's nest , Marine Fish Collagen , Rock Sugar and RO Water , Making the best nutritious drinks for consumers . The product was proudly to announce is free of preservatives , artificial sweeteners , artificial flavourings and colourings . 'The Joy Of Life' products contain natural ingredients that add flavour and providing variety choices for consumers . As the only Integrated bird's nest producer and manufacturer in malaysia and a leading company in the market , Ecolite houses , Harvest and manufacturers its own bird's nest product , while ensuring the quality control in every of the producing process .

'The Joy Of Life' currently available in all seven eleven convenience stores and soon will be sold at most major pharmacies and hypermarkets in the country .

For more infomation on 'The Joy Of Life' , kindly visit their website at

Wonders Of Diwali , Sunway Putra Mall

Wonders Of Diwali At Sunway Putra Mall

The time os deepavali is one of the most beautiful times of the year that is filled with light and love . This year , from 19 - 30 OCT , sunway putra mall is in for a glorious celebration , Featuring the elegant peacock , a 7 feet sculpture dressed with sequins that is set elegantly at the main Concourse . The peacock was specially decorated by the children of yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) and lighthouse children welfare home association and it is surrounded by a beautiful kolam design which is a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary art .

"Deepavali , the celebration of lights is one of the most colourful celebration in out multi social society and this year's Deepavali decoration is speacial as we had a special touch by the children of YCK and lighthouse children welfare home association . it's our responsibility not only to promote the tradition of our local festival to young children but also to the tourist on the beautiful culture that we have in malaysia .

The elegant peacock carries the special religious significance as it is seen as an indicator of beuty , glory and refinement wheres the eye in the feather represents the divine wisdom .

This Deepavali , Sunway Putra Mall be giving away free 'kacang putih' every weekends from 19 - 30OCT at concierge counter located at ground floor . During the weekdays , shoppers get to enjoy free henna art service at the koisk located at the main Concourse . Shoppers also gets to splurge on the variety of offerings this coming Diwali as there will be kiosk selling traditional cloths , assortments of Deepavali Sweets , and henna art service available at the main Concourse .

Shoppers who spend RM250 in two receipt will receive an exclusive candle holder , whereas shoppers who spend RM450 and above in three receipts will receive a set of Laura Mercier's Shower set .

That's not all , aside from this , enjoy two hours of free parking with any spending made at any sunway putra mall's outlets , while HSBC Credit card holders gets to park for free .