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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) , Pudu

Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) is not a stranger and well known among coffee lovers that live in the town of Kuala Lumpur , A place for taking great photograph too . Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) was established in December 2016 .

I was admire at the Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) Sign pattern . once I step in front of the shop while standing beside the Large Window Frame , I feels like i'm at one of the cafe at Taiwan . The Unique Design was a awesome idea .

Okay , Let me tell you where this mysterious cafe it is located . Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) is situated at Hotel Urban Bird Boutique Hotel’s lobby . Surrounded by Historical Old shop that left decades ago and in this area their are still operating the business . Cafe 5 are easily spotted along Jalan Brunei with White colour brick wall attached with Large Window Framed that will catch your eye while passing by .

The most attractive foods at Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) is their Beljian Liege Waffle with more than 10 different flavours to choose from the menu , I can say that their creation of waffle is can't be found anywhere out there and only available at Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) .

The Traditional Belgium Liege waffles are their favourite foods for centuries till now at Belgium , Liege waffles are baked from a dough that gave full flavored waffle taste . The dough been process for 20 hours for natural fermentation to resulting in a coarse like texture on the inner and the out part stay crispy and crusty .

The Belgian waffles is little different than others waffle because Belgian pearl sugar is the secret and the star of Liege Waffles . The sugar pearls are studded through the waffle , Flame on waffle only apply on Murakami and Tom & Jerry . 

Caffe Latte
Banana Milkshake
Mocha & Matcha Latte
Matcha Latte
Waffles with flamed takoyaki sauce and japanese mayonnaise , Japanese spices and bonito flakes .
Tom & Jerry
flamed cheddar cheese and spices .
Aromatic Butter
Waffles with butter and assorted spices .
PB Bunk
Waffles with chocolate peanut butter and bananas
Willy Wonka ( 3-4 pax )
Waffles with belgian dark chocolate fondue , strawberry , bananas , marshmallow - Salted Egg , Mango and Vanilla . 
The unique thing about the waffle here is that it is handmade using traditional method, and thus the daily production is limited. There are many types of waffle in Malaysia, but the owner wants to make an unforgettable, traditional waffle. Thus he goes as far as Belgium, seeking out various types of waffle. Finally, he found out that there is a special ingredient in the Belgium waffle that makes it so tasty .

Cafe 5 ( 五号咖啡.松饼屋 ) , Pudu
Address : No 5, Jalan Lengkongan Brunei, 
Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : 018-215 9935
Hours : Daily 12PM-10PM

Monday, 24 April 2017

Mr.Churro , Mid Valley

The first Mr.churro outlet in Klang Valley , Mr. Churro has started their business operations from January 2017 , One of the popular Korean Churros brand is famed for their Spanish crispy fried dough . So Malaysian can enjoy the Famous Mr.Churro at Mid Valley now .

Mr. Churro's kiosk was located at Lower Ground floor of Mid Valley , Just opposite Nando's . CHURROS ( formerly Spanish , the translation is "fritters" means it is called Spanish fritters , Something Like that . Although this is Western-style snacks but Mr Churros brand is originate from South Korea . There are plenty of churro that appear in Malaysia and I’ve tried quite a few of them .

All Churros are freshly made on the spot upon request . The churros come in many different shapes , curved , lengthy or sticking out of a softserve cup . Each churro is deep fried to give it a golden brown crust , before dusting it with a specific ratio of sugar , milo or cinnamon .
- Ice Cream Green TEA Churro -
The result was surprising. The outside was perfectly crispy and a slightly chewy texture .

Vanilla Salted Caramel & Original Churro
Cookies & Cream Churro 
Choco Crunch Churro
Apple Limeade & Butterscotch Tea

With a total of 18 outlets in Korea, Mr Churro calls itself “an artisanal churros kiosk producing delectable churros with the best ingredients”.  Its signature is the original churro, which stretches into an incredible 50cm oval . The store was first established by the founder, Mr Jungwoo Hong who first conceived the idea of opening a Churros store to earn money to marry his girlfriend Love Story Doesn't stops here .

Mr.Churro , Mid Valley
Address : LGK 03A, LG Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Hours : Daily 10AM-10PM

Tryst , SS 15

When Driving around Subang SS15 , there was a bunch of cafe , restaurant , food court and also well known a place for food paradise . A place where youngster hangout all the time .

This hipster café located somewhere middle of SS15 shop lot at Jalan SS 15/4 , Just drive further and TRYST is will be on your left since it was one way . Look for black signboard white wording .

Tryst Café have cool design on every corner of the wall , A decent place with a chill atmosphere . Walls in Tryst have graffitis, from detailing the type of people who would enjoy Tryst , to the owner’s favourite movies and music .

A two storey cafe where the first level has a cosy setting , some lovely vintage decor , also along with graffiti on the walls . The second floor is simplistic with basic furnishing and for those who enjoy shisha .

Recently , Tryst cafe has came out with their new Indomie dishes called " IndoBowl " , dish topped with their signature Red & Green Chili , Now this is the real way to eat . Choices from Grilled Chicken , Fried Chicken Chop , Lamb Chop , Steak , Battered Prawns , Salmon or even better take on their Mumbo Jumbo Platter . The best part is their homemade Spicy Red Chili and Green Chili paste . Since I'm was a Spicy Maniac , I love the Spicy Red Chili Paste definitely Awesome !!
Signature Spicy Red Chili Grilled Chicken Indomie
Signature Spicy Green Chili Grilled Chicken Indomie 
Signature Red Chili Fried Chicken Chop Indomie

 Mumbo Jumbo Platter !!

The biggest IndoBowl serving Platter For four Pax or less , Choices from Grilled Chicken , Fried Chicken Chop , Lamb Chop , Steak , Battered Prawns and Salmon . Catch up their FB Page for some challenge coming up soon .

Address : 74, Jalan SS 15/4c, Ss 15, 
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor .
Hours : Daily 10am-1am
Contact : +60127014499

Muhibbah Makan Place , Plaza Alam Sentral

Shah Alam , 22th April 2017 - A New food court place to dine at Shah alam that located in Plaza Alam Sentral called MUHIBBAH MAKAN PLACE , the food court situated 5th floor of the plaza . The food court offered huge variety of Malaysian cuisine . They managed to identify top quality food from the street operator and uplift their standards and guided them to the next level .

A big " Medan Selera " sign that easily will be spotted at the main entrance when going up from the escalator , there’s plenty of space and natural light .

Serves up the usual Malaysian hawker food , in an al fresco setting . Lots of stalls , selling a variety of food like Nasi Kukus , Satay , Laksa , Thai Food , Chicken rice , Hot wok and hot Plate . The concept of offering specialties from various states of Malaysia under one roof , every food stall in any of the food courts offer good food and good value, it’s too competitive for expensive .
Mamak Rojak
Maggi Kari Ketam
Khap Pao Chicken Rice With Egg
Lamb , Beef and Chicken Satay
Khap Pao Chicken Rice With  Egg
Nasi Goreng Ikan Rebus
Asam Laksa
Curry Laksa
Steam Chicken Rice
Green Curry Chicken Rice With  Egg
Nasi Kukus Minyak Ayam Masak Merah
Malaysia consists of the multiethnic food choices with traditional touch which results in a symphony of flavours, making Malaysian cuisine highly complex and diverse. Muhibbah F&B is about 2 Malaysian Chef, Bala & Wan who has vast experience in Malaysian food industry who now have joined force to compete in the business world as “Successful Entrepreneurs”, not only providing quality food but aim to create sustainable business in creative way with a traditional touch .

Muhibbah Makan Place
Address : 5th Floor, Plaza Alam Sentral,
Jalan Majlis, Pusat Bandar Shah Alam,
Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam
Contact : +6016 384 3350
Hour : Daily 10:00AM - 10:00PM