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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Conjuring Spirit : REVIEW

Good news for those of you interested in horror movies , Releasing Today 9th April 2015 in all cinema at malaysia . 

If you ever watched The Conjuring and Annabelle , maybe you can already imagine how horror it was . For me , it was my first time watching vietnam horror movies and for sure it was in vietnam language , need to read at the subtitle to understand the entire story . Yours eye ball gonna be up and down all the time...bring eye mo along afraid of eye get dry...Just Kidding, HAha .  

Take a look at this trailer , maybe you will like it .

A Story about a haunted low cost apartment that happens a murder that nobody knows ....

"Lan" is a single mother that recently divorce with her husband because of been caught having affair with his own secretary .
"Lan" move out from current resident and bring along her 5 years old son and move to this low cost apartment . she rented the haunted unit (4A) that been empty quite a while ago . 

While paying the rental to management , the old lady pass a music box to her as a gift .
From the music box , here how "Lan" starting to deal with the haunted demon that dress in red and covered mouth that disturbing her every night .  

In the same time "Lan" Meet "Vu" a vocal of a band that gigs at the pub stayed one level below her , until one day she ask vu to help her to destroy this demon , "Vu" and "Lan" took the decision to investigate the strange occurrences stem.

Something strange was happen....
what happens next?? get to cinema and get the answer...hehe

My rating: 


Thanks to seeties.Me by giving away ticket contest and Organize this pleasure event..

Thanks to GRABNOCOST for sponsoring on this event too..

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