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Friday, 10 July 2015

LY LY Restaurant , Siem Reap

This local restaurant is very interesting in that although it has an English menu , its customers are almost 100 per cent Cambodians . many locals like to have their breakfast here and not specifically open to tourists only , so the price is reasonable for everyone And there are price list , easy for tourist to look on the price, which is what I would recommend this restaurant to everyone .

If you are a first time visited Cambodia , the food may feel very strange , so can't be too picky on these , here's fried noodles, Jian-style hot pot, French bread (baguette) amd Amok are considered unique .

Brew Vietnamese Coffee (Kopi-O)
Chicken Soup Noodle
The Krmer Pork Rice
Krmer Fried noodle
Pineapple Fried Rice
They offer very tasty Foods for a price of $2.00 or less and it is interesting to watch locals enjoying their meals . the waiter/waitress speak very good English and friendly . 

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