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Thursday, 29 September 2016

金门餐馆 Home Style Kitchen Assam House , Bandar Puteri

Home Style Kitchen Asam House newly renovated and don't really know the name before this , It was located in Bandar Puteri with big space combine of two shop lots . They serve  Delicious Chinese seafood cuisine and Some of Nyonya Assam Dishes . When walk into the shop , There was few stack of  Big aquarium that fill with fresh live seafood . The shop is easy to spot on big orange signboard across the two shoplot and the wall also been painted with bright orange paint .

The wall of the shop was paint with old colonial buildings wall mural makes the shop looks like those old days . The reason why they name it as Assam House because most of dishes was made by Assam nyonya such as Assam fish and asssam prawns . Go around bandar Puteri's food of heaven District and you spot it at one of the corner . The restaurant was brightly lit and atmosphere caters to the simple idea of a traditional Chinanese eatery with mable tables and wood chair . waitters/waitress staff is highly trained to be polite and efficient . The awesome and relish taste of delicious food and come with the reasonable price .

Steamed Dragon Grouper
Soup Base Clam
Pandan Chicken
Assam Shrimp
Garlic Stir Longbean
Steamed Green Pepper Pomfret
Pumpkin Shrimp
Butter Salted Egg Crab
Boston Lobter Salad / Boston Lobter Soup RM238
Scallop 6PCS RM32
Spicy Sour Clams RM18
Garlic Fried Mantis Prawn 6PCS RM48
Assam Red dates fish RM68
Salt wine Crab XL 2PCS RM88 
Braised Raw Abalone 3PCS RM88
Kyoto ribs RM26
Thai Stlye Garlic Squid RM32
Garlic spicy abalone 3 PCS RM 88
Minced Meat Fried Egg RM16
Assam Stinky Bean RM16
Bamboo King Clam 2PCS RM40
Boston Lobter Soup RM238

Garlic Shrimp 8PCS RM28
Cheese Shrimp RM8 PCS RM28
Assam Squid RM22
Assam Red Nile Tilapia RM22
Stir Long Bean RM16
Cheese Scallop RM8 PCS RM32
Fried Mantis Prawn
Pumpkin Squid RM22
Dry Curry Crab 
Vinegar Chicken Ball 8 PCS RM15

Marmite Grill Crab
Asam curry Crab 
Salt baked Crab
Wine baked Crab
Kam Xiong Crab
Pumpkin Crab
Cheese Salted Egg crab
Steamed Ginger Crab
Plantain Clam
Scalded Clam
Stir Tomato Fish Fillet
Dry Curry Pork Belly
金门餐馆 Home Style Kitchen Asam House
Address : No 20 (GF) Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong
Contact :  03-8051 7107
Daily : 10am - 10pm
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