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Sunday, 18 September 2016

How Emerald Brilliant Produce Cheongsam

-- Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam Boutique has a long history in Cheongsam making with more than 40 years of business experience since 1973 . It specialized in making exquisite oriental clothing , nightgowns , Chinese fashion , suits , elegant Malay fashion and all kind of Uniform . The Founder of Emerald Brilliant is no other than Mdm.Kong Yoon Yoon , she established Emerald Brilliant and started branding in 1973 at Yulek , Cheras . three years after Emerald Brilliant move to SS2 and been going on till now . Read more ....

-- 鑫碧旗袍精品店在旗袍生产历史从1973年以来也超过40年的经历 . 鑫碧是专业在东方服装 , 晚装 , 中国的时尚 , 西装 , 精美马来时尚和各种制服 . 这位是鑫碧的创办人 Mdm.Kong Yoon Yoon , 她在1973年建立了鑫碧的品牌 . 当时的她在yulek蕉赖店面起业 , 三年后就是1976年Mdm .Kong把鑫碧这品牌搬到了SS2 到今时今日 . 了解更多....

Emerald Brilliant Service :
鑫碧旗袍服务系统 :

-- 24 HOUR EXPRESS SERVICE-it means that the dress can be made in a day but needed an additional charges because it is done quickly . / 快速服务 , 在24小时做好 , 但有不一样的收费噢 .

-- NORMAL SERVICE BOOKING-ordinary made cheongsam can be completed in about 3-12 weeks depending on the design pattern and season. / 通常普通预订旗袍需要三个星期至到十二个星期根据设计和季节或格局来完成 .

-- PEAK SEASON BOOKING-for chinese wedding apparel it starts on the 8th month in lunar calendar until chinese new year.Made-to-order cheongsam needs to be booked 6-8 weeks ahead. / 在旺季的农历“月八”华人婚礼直到华人新年 , 婚礼旗袍需要预订的是六个星期到八个星期前预订 .

-- CHINESE NEW YEAR-booking for made-to-order cheongsams should be done 2-3 months in advance . / 华人过年需要在两个月到三个月提前预订 .

-- You don't have to worry if you want to have an off the rack cheongsams because there are many designs to choose from in their outlets . / 当你突然想要买旗袍时不用担心 ,他们有现货给你 , 但为什么需要预订 .

-- EMERALD BRILLIANT provides a custom-made cheongsams that fits perfectly on your figure,and they can assure you of stunning variety of cheongsams that looks elegantly through any occassion . / 鑫碧旗袍并定制和做适合你的身材标准 , 预订并为您提供完美的旗袍在你身上 , 让你更优雅 .

Step - 1
-- First,fashion designer Madam Kong will draw the sample,traditional cheongsams are usually long and reaches the ankle.Short cheongsams on the other hand,goes one inch above the knee.Modern day cheongsams entered the era of three dimentional modeling which means having dimention of depth as well as width and height.Choosing the design depends on the requests and demands of a customer.

-- 要产生一个完美的旗袍给客户 , 第一步骤就是Mdm.Kong将款式画出来 , 现代旗袍已进入立体造型的时代 , 传统旗袍是通常是长到脚踝 . 但也有短膝盖上一寸 . 选择适合的模式是需要客户先的 .

Step - 2
-- Because we differ in size it is required to take your height,bust,waist and hips measurements when placing an order so they can check the size and give some suggestions.Measurement follow steps to ensure that the cheongsam will fit perfectly .

-- 由于大小差异 , 建议在下订前指定你的身高 , 体重 , 胸围 , 腰围和臀围的大小顺序笔记 , 这样他们就可以仔细检查大小 , 并提供一些建议 . 测量步骤 , 按照每一个步骤 , 只有正确的测量确保完美的旗袍 .

Step - 3
-- The drafted patterns are based on the size.Making a qipao pattern for an individual person must be countiniously adjusted to have a precise fit as it is drawn all the lines and darts for the initial draft.Then use the fit is fabric cutting machine 8,it is perfect for slicing through many layers.

-- 该草拟基于尺寸的图案形成个人的旗袍图案 , 然后用布切割机8“完美的通过多层次切片 .

Step - 4
-- Combine the two front piece by laying flat and sewing the outer flap into the inner flap , following the curve edges of the bias then stitch in the ditch .

-- 通过铺设平面缝合所述顶部外折板到内挡板 , 继偏压的弯曲边缘结合两个 . 缝合在沟里 .

Step - 5
-- Hem sewing is a garment finishing method where the edge of a piece of cloth is folded narrowly and sewn to prevent unravelling of the fabric.There are many styles of hem varying complexities.The most common hem folds up a cut edge,fold it up again and then sew it down.The style of hemming thus completely encloses the cut edge in cloth .

-- 缝纫褶边是服装后整理方法 , 其中一块布的边缘狭窄折叠并缝防止织物散开 . 有许多不同风格的各种复杂的折边的 . 最常见的下摆折叠起来 , 切割边缘 , 再折叠起来 , 然后缝下来 . 卷边的风格从而完全包围在布切割边缘 .

Step - 6
-- The knot button is the distinctive description of a traditional cheongsam of to this day it is still visible on garments like qipao and cheongsams,it is basically associated with tradition .

-- 结按钮是中国传统服饰的特色 . 即使到今天 , 它在诸如旗袍或服装 .

Step - 7
-- Ironing and pulling of the fabric repeatedly during the dress making process.The clothes have to be ironed after sewing and had to straighten the cloth out in order to maintain the fit of the garment .

-- 熨烫并在礼服的过程 . 衣服有缝后 , 熨烫挺起布列 , 以保持服装的配合反复拉织物 .

Step - 8
-- Patchwork is a piece of cloth of different colours and shapes that are sewn together in a pattern sewn artfully on the cheongsam.Beadworks is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another by stitching them with a sewing needle and thread on cloth.It comes in a variety of materials,shapes and sizes .

-- 对于拼布 , 这技术也许可以加上旗袍上的最好方式 . 拼布可以是大或小 . 钉珠应用加在旗袍上 , 与针线在右边 , 针穿过布从右到左 , 并且通过拉至该行先前珠 .

-- Emerald Brilliant at present have 5 outlets around west Malaysia.Our 6th outlet will be opening soon at Bangsar Shopping Center , Our 7th outlet is soon to open at  Empire Subang & Terbrau city JB TOO .For your cheongsam need do drop by in any of our outlet around Malaysia. 

-- 鑫碧旗袍精品店至今有五间分行在西马 , 即将不久第六间会在Bangsar Shopping Center开 , 还可能会在Empire Subang 开第七间分行还有Terbrau city JB . 以适应你的完美身材就去最近您的鑫碧旗袍精品店选择完美的旗袍吧 .

We are located at below:

Head Quaters SS2 : No.5a,Jalan SS2/64,47300 Petaling Jaya,Selangor
TEL: +603-78765072 / +603-78653615 Fax: +603-78741688

Mid Valley Megamall : Lot No. F-74A, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
TEL: +603-22827722

1 UTAMA : No.F226,1st Floor Promenade, 1-Utama Shopping Centre,No. 1,Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.
TEL: +603-77275855 / +603-74991063

IPOH outlet : 19, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 7 ,
Taman Ipoh Selatan 31400
Ipoh, Perak
TEL : 012- 433 7892

YONG PENG,Johor : (Taiwan City) Lot 68, Jalan Muar, Mk. Tg. Sembrong, 83700 YONG PENG, Johor. MALAYSIA.
TEL:07-468-8288 / FAX:07-468-8898

Facebook : Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam Boutique 鑫碧旗袍

For interested, please contact +603-78765072(HQ)


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